Cool Beans Print Co

Original Illustrations. Screenprinted by hand. Sewn into one-of-a-kind bags. Tacoma, WA.

Bag Syles

   Browse and learn about the current styles in the Cool Beans Print Co line. Arranged in alphabetical order, so scroll all the way to the bottom to learn about Wrist Zips. Each style has an accompanying flat schematic and description. Soon I hope to have a short video for each, so you can really see how much each style fits. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 10.30.35 AM.png


   Each Cinch is approximately 10” wide, 9” tall and 3” deep. Cinches are unlined, but have reinforced seams. Two cakes of yarn can comfortably sit side by side with a project on top!


   Each Ditty is approximately 11” wide, 11” tall and 4.5” deep. The cotton webbing handles stand 4.5" away from top of zipper. The Ditty Bag is a great everyday bag, roomy enough for your usual odds and ends, plus a bit more. For an extra fee, canvas tabs can be added to the side to attach an adjustable strap to transform the Ditty into a shoulder or crossbody bag.


   Each Puff is approximately 8” wide, 5” tall and 2” deep, with a 7” zipper opening. Puffs have curved corners and are a great size for notions, cosmetics or even pencils, pens and a small notebook.


   Each Slim is approximately 8” wide, 8” tall, 2” deep with 7“ zippers. The removable strap is a soft cotton webbing, 23"-46" in length, with metal hardware. Slims are a skinny two-zipper purse for on-the-go shenanigans. The backof a Slim is canvas to ensure durability. The top zipper pocket reaches into the depths of the bag and can hold even the tallest cellphone. The lower pocket is smaller, great for chapstick, mints and loose change.

Wrist Zip

   Each Wrist Zip is approximately 8” wide, 10” tall and 3” deep with a 7” zipper opening. The Wrist Zip is deep enough to hold a couple cakes along with a larger project, such as a shawl or generous cowl. The soft cotton webbing strap makes it easy to hang the off of your wrist to keep knitting while standing in a line or walking around at a craft show.